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Established in 2016, ​Legends of the Staff of Musique is the first music curriculum tailor made for home education that provides resources for teaching music to children primarily using only the instrument we always carry with us... our voice!

From homeschool curriculum guides and an original book series to live online classes with the author, "Mrs. H," all of the offerings are intentionally inclusive, warm, easily accessible, and affordable. Any caregiver can utilize the materials regardless of where they are on their own musical journey. From musical novices to professional musicians... all are welcome.

A whole-child approach to music literacy, Legends of the Staff of Musique is music education you can learn by Heart.

Early Childhood - Cantiamo Tutti


Primer Level - Foundations of Music

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Level 1 - Soulful Solfège

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Level 2 - Heartfelt Rhythm

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