Level 2 - Heartfelt Rhythm

Legends of the Staff of Musique
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In Level 2- Heartfelt Rhythm, you and your child will travel far beneath the kingdom of Solfeggio into the winding caverns of the realm of Ta.  The realm of Ta has remained unaffected by the Great Dissonance, but it holds a secret within its chambers.  With the help of the takadimis you and your child can help the main characer, Hannah, decode the strange markings on the tunnel walls.

Hidden in the storyline of the captivating novella, King Ritmo and the Realm of Ta, are musical concepts to discover together.  Having explored the wonders of melody in the Soulful Solfège curriculum, the mysteries of music continue to be revealed through the experience of spoken rhythm and body percussion.  Reinforced through familiar folk songs, enjoyable art projects, delicious recipes (yes recipes!), and the creation of a real, working musical instrument you and your child can continue to awaken the beautiful language of music within yourselves.  Let us sing together!

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  • Digital copy of curriculum with detailed lessons (pdf)
  • The entire text from the companion book, King Ritmo and the Realm of Ta
  • Projects and games to reinforce concepts
  • Sheet music (and recordings of the melody) for songs referenced in the curriculum
  • Access to playlists for listening examples
  • Video tutorials
  • Extras, including lesson aid printouts and full recipes!


When you purchase the curriculum, along with all the digital content is also a link to our private online bookstore where you can purchase a beautifully bound copy of the curriculum at just the cost of printing!


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Last updated May 22, 2023

Digital copy of curriculum with detailed lessons (pdf)

Includes entire text from the novella, King Ritmo and the Realm of Ta


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Level 2 - Heartfelt Rhythm

3 ratings